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Jani-King Case Study
Who: Based in Dallas, Texas, Jani-King International is the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchisor with over 11,000 franchise owners worldwide. Founded in 1969, the company has 110 regional offices in 19 countries. Organizations such as PepsiCo, Nabisco, Xerox, OfficeMax, Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless, Marriott Hotels, American Airlines Center, Texas Motor Speedway, Xavier University, and the 2002 Winter Olympics are all satisfied Jani-King clients.

Challenge: Jani-King, while consistently ranking as one of the Top 10 franchises in terms of number of franchises, had difficulty in establishing strong brand awareness and value among the decision makers of the national clients Jani-King seeks. Because commercial cleaning is not an extremely exciting subject, garnering media attention had been difficult at best.

Solution: Jani-King turned to TRANCE to garner quality coverage in local and national media to build brand identity and generate sales leads. TRANCE realized that one unique aspect of Jani-King’s business is that Jani-King janitors literally hold the keys to the most secure buildings in the world. Jani-King employees clean nuclear power plants, major banks, oil refineries, battleships, airport terminals, and the mom and pop businesses which are the backbone of our economy. TRANCE quickly organized a brainstorming meeting to expand on the message that Jani-King is the industry leader. The outcome was a program designed to bring added value to already existing assets. TRANCE developed the “Workplace Awareness Program,” a program designed to add an additional level of awareness and create a more secure workplace for Jani-King franchise owners, employees, clients and their customers. By equipping Jani-King franchisees and their employees with best practices for identifying suspicious items and behavior, promptly reporting to proper authorities and, when necessary, responding to the situation, we can create a security force multiplier to assist in the prevention of future acts of terrorism.

Results: TRANCE targeted reporters with an introductory email pitch and made more than 100 follow up phone calls. Radio and television interviews were secured in more than 40 cities across the U.S. Additionally, articles in security, investor, defense, and cleaning trades (both on-line and off-line) praised the program and Jani-King’s vision. The resulting press and collateral materials designed to support the program, from an operations and marketing standpoint, helped to create strong brand equity for Jani-King while energizing immediate national sales and opportunities. TRANCE’s “Workplace Awareness Program” was a key factor in nearly doubling Jani-King’s sales forecasts for the company’s 2004-2005 fiscal year.
U.S. Global Nanospace Case Study
Who: Based in Carson City, Nevada, US Global Nanospace, Inc. is a solutions oriented research and development company that specializes in identifying, developing, and commercializing new and emerging technologies and products for integration into the security, defense and health and safety markets. USGN uses cross-discipline knowledge in the areas of science, engineering, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, to evolve products that address high performance issues. US Global Nanospace has focused its commercialization efforts on identifying strategic partnership companies that have the resources to manufacture, market and or integrate its products on a commercial scale worldwide. USGN's products include MAPSANDS™, All-Clear™ Chem/Bio Decontamination Foam, the G-Lam line of variable threat armor solutions, NanoFilters for HVAC, NanoFilterCX, BlastX and Radomes.

Challenge: US Global Nanospace, being a relative unknown, had little recognition in media outlets both domestically and abroad. It was inherent that US Global garner more media attention to increase awareness of the products and capabilities offered. Media coverage was also necessary to help stabilize a falling stock.

Solution: US Global Nanospace turned to TRANCE to garner quality coverage in local, national, and international media to provide a foundation for brand recognition.

Results: The resulting media coverage in outlets such as FOX News Channel, Defense Today, Terror Response Technology Report, and a multitude of on-line outlets, provided return via RFPs from the mid-East and partnership inquiries from other defense related companies.

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