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Marketing Program Development Process Overview

Before your brand can tell its story, you need to know who you are. Critical to the success of any marketing or more specifically, an integrated campaign is the delivery of a consistent and passionate message about what you offer and why customers and partners should choose your brand. The completion of a branding matrix is the foundation that we will draw from to guide business and marketing decisions that affect your market position, as well as the messages we take to the news media and other audiences.

The branding matrix establishes the brand story and provides direction to your marketing efforts that will provide a consistent, clear message. Your company’s leadership and teams will be able to use the matrix to communicate effectively with customers and partners.

Developing and implementing your integrated marketing plan can be accomplished best by using a phased, iterative approach:

Trance Marketing Process Diagram

Establish Brand: In a series of facilitated sessions, we use a branding matrix tool to establish your brand identity and build the framework needed for creating your integrated marketing plan. The branding matrix forms the foundation of your marketing plan that will produce your desired results. Also produced during this phase is a preliminary timeline for the marketing plan development stage.

Marketing/PR Plan Development: We identify the requirements for an integrated, comprehensive marketing plan and determine what additional information is needed. All components of the plan are developed. Determination is made as to needed resources and a budget is set. Any Requests for Proposal (RFPs) from outside vendors are developed, proposals are received and assignments made. The plan addresses integrating what we’ve we learned through the branding matrix, and how this learning needs to be shared with all touch points: PR, Advertising, Sales, etc.

Implementation: The plan is executed. Enhancements and adjustments are considered and implemented accordingly.

Measure & Report Results: Requirements for measuring and reporting results are developed during Phase 2 – Plan Development. Procedures, processes and reporting mechanisms are implemented. The reaching of milestones is validated.

Review & Plan Next Year: Executed programs are reviewed to provide a basic foundation for the next planning year. We facilitate a marketing program review meeting to identify best practices and needed adjustments. Next year’s plan is completed.

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