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I would imagine you are already asking, “What does he mean by that?” Well, in my fifteen years in the marketing industry I’ve found that there are far too many “executives” who definitely are not leaders. Conversely, I’ve found a lot of leaders who don’t hold a “C” title: CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, you get [...]

Have had a chance to read some insights and nuggets of wisdom on how to make our businesses and life better. I would encourage you to download and read this e-book. It’s an easy read. Each nugget of wisdom is only 200 words or less.
Here are a few of  my favorites from the eBook. Enjoy [...]

They say misery likes company. I think challenges like company too. As an entrepreneur you may feel that you are an island. You may believe that you are the first ever to face your challenge, but I have good news. You’re not. Many entrepreneurs have come before you, and many will after. Here are the [...]

Just wanted to re-post this blog from friend of mine who asked me to contribute. My $.02 are in there with the “It’s OK to Get Sacked” tip.

Am I the only one who feels the “terms” we sometimes allocate to define branding, marketing, etc. can create confusion for our clients?  I prefer to look at the whole issue in terms (pun intended) of “relationships”.  To me a good relationship, whether business or personal, requires both parties to benefit in some manner.  As [...]

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