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Have had a chance to read some insights and nuggets of wisdom on how to make our businesses and life better. I would encourage you to download and read this e-book. It’s an easy read. Each nugget of wisdom is only 200 words or less.
Here are a few of  my favorites from the eBook. Enjoy [...]

Am I the only one who feels the “terms” we sometimes allocate to define branding, marketing, etc. can create confusion for our clients?  I prefer to look at the whole issue in terms (pun intended) of “relationships”.  To me a good relationship, whether business or personal, requires both parties to benefit in some manner.  As [...]

If you believe in the power of relationships I think XM should hold a significant portion of the marketing mix. As someone who has utilized (and still do) traditional media (tv, radio, print), I strongly believe that these vehicles can provide a supporting role in XM. However, as I recall someone saying, you don’t hug [...]

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