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Concentrate on Results

You are panicked. Your employer is laying people off. Several of you are in single wage earning families. My best advice? CONCENTRATE ON RESULTS! Will it guarantee you a job forever? No. It will put your mind in the right mindset to PERFORM at the LEVEL that it takes to be in a good position for job retention.

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Want to know the biggest roadblock to being  successful? It is the naysayers.  And unfortunately, sometimes (perhaps, often) you are your own naysayer.  Here are 31 strategies used by TPEs who have faced the naysayers and defeated them.  Now it is your turn to defeat the naysayers and get down to building a successful business, [...]

They say misery likes company. I think challenges like company too. As an entrepreneur you may feel that you are an island. You may believe that you are the first ever to face your challenge, but I have good news. You’re not. Many entrepreneurs have come before you, and many will after. Here are the [...]

Just wanted to re-post this blog from friend of mine who asked me to contribute. My $.02 are in there with the “It’s OK to Get Sacked” tip.

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