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I recently stumbled across this cartoon, and it reminded me of how marketing works for far too many brands. As you read this post, think about what any building would be without a blue print for success. It may look just like the one in the cartoon.
Remember, just because something looks promising from the outside, [...]

Wait a minute. There are only 4 marketing P’s, right? Product, Price, Place, Promotion. There, that puts an end to the silly 5 P nonsense.
Unfortunately, too many CEOs, CMOs, small business owners, marketing firms,  you name it, think in the same terms as that first paragraph. They are focused on all the stuff, crap, junk [...]

Am I the only one who feels the “terms” we sometimes allocate to define branding, marketing, etc. can create confusion for our clients?  I prefer to look at the whole issue in terms (pun intended) of “relationships”.  To me a good relationship, whether business or personal, requires both parties to benefit in some manner.  As [...]

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