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Should You Build an Authority Website?

My post today, will target some key tips on SEO. As well, the crucial components on researching keywords, back linking strategies, niche marketing concepts and utilizing software program like article rewriters or what some refer to as article spinning software, all with the aim of saving you time, while improving your efficiency. Grab a cup of coffee, as I divulge the insider tips to ranking within the search engines.

The Means of Choosing Keywords

Many individuals make the big mistake of trying for the large keyword categories like, home based business, because they are getting really bad advice. You now know why keyword analysis is so critical to your long term viability online. Choosing the right keywords is the difference between earning money or not. More importantly, its also the reason why many quit so quickly on the internet.

Niche Markets – What’s All the Buzz About?

Here is my recommendation whether you’re a newbie or a veteran. Research, research and more research in niche markets. Invest your time in conducting a proper and thorough assessment of your competition and whether or not its even feasible to rank on your keyword terms. The easiest way to do that, is laser targeted key phrase analysis often called niche marketing. In addition to, just have a look at the people who are profitable and they will tell you they focus their time and efforts on niche market ideas and niche marketing strategies. As a suggestion, when searching for long tail keyword terms, I might search within the range of 1000 to 5000 searches monthly and look for articles ranking on page 1. That way, I am fairly certain I will be able to rank sooner, rather than later, with a lot much less frustration.

The Significance of Back Link Building

One way links are the back bone of the ranking game. One way links should be external plus, internally based. Obviously, the bulk needs to be coming from outside of your website. That means, you will want to have as many external links pointing back toward your website. In addition to, you will want to have an internal linking structure developed, that has some internal pages pointing to other web pages of your site. The bottom line to ranking, the more high quality one way links you have, the higher in the SERP’s that you’ll remain. Sometimes, you may just need just a few links. Other times, you will want hundreds or thousands based on the competitors and the niche market that you are in.

Understanding How and Where to Get One way links

Building backlinks is about writing distinctive information, posting it to various article directories, and pointing your links back to your website. I recommend incorporating all aspects to acquire links, however, primarily you need to find them via writing and posting articles.

I have found primarily based on individual expertise that the top places to originally post your new content are Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Idea Marketers. Your web site is more likely to get indexed within a couple of days. One other tip to keep in mind, is that I only submit 5 to 10 posts to each place. In my estimation, its the law of diminishing returns. The search engines will only allot you so much SEO link juice from every directory. Additionally, you need to incorporate as part of your plan, making comments at various do follow forums, blogs and making some guest article posting at authority sites. I’ve done that and it gives you a top quality oneway link.

Have you ever considered using an article spinning software ?

Having problems leveraging your time, attempting to rank for your keywords and care for your home duties? Well, increasingly people are turning to and using technology to assist them. Now, some will agree and yes, disagree surprisingly. The reality is, to leverage your time more efficiently, you can use what’s called an article rewriter or article spinning software. However, to be clear, use it in a accountable way. This means, do not create junk content, since the internet is stuffed with junk information. There are so many different types of software to make your online experience more productive and you can bet your competitors are using it.

So there you have the process on building an authority website the Google way. Start via doing keyword analysis, drill down into the assorted niche markets. Next and possibly the most critical  part, to ranking your website, is by creating high quality one way back links.

To learn more, go here: Internet Marketing

Almost anybody can write good copy if they are willing to work hard and learn the craft. It takes effort and much practice to learn how to write good copy. Many internet marketers simply don’t feel they can spare the time it would take to learn copywriting, so they outsource this work. Of course, even if you plan on hiring professional copywriters for all of your projects, knowing the basics of writing copy can be very helpful. Good copywriters can make their work appear simple and effortless, but they put more into it than you might think. If you want to make your own copy more effective and persuasive, try some of these tips.

Most of the time copy should be less than obvious. You do not want to make people think you’re saying, “Buy this NOW!” These types of pages almost never see large sales volume. You want to write in a way that doesn’t make people feel they are being sold something. You have to consider that your income and livelihood depend on your sales copy, so it has to be written well enough to do that.

Copywriters like to use stories in a sales letters because they’re a subtle but powerful part of bring the reader into the message. You always want to avoid “shouting” that you’re selling something in your message. Those are a huge turn off! Always avoid trying to pressure your reader, but you can effectively create feelings of urgency. Any feelings of pushing, or pressuring, will fail completely. It’s easy to see this if you consider your own various situations in life. Have you ever been totally turned-off from something because of sales pressure? But you most likely did buy from the person who offered no pressure, explained the product benefits, and who was just polite and friendly.

You can also insert headlines into the text to introduce a new concept. Using a headline in the middle of the page, which will be larger and bolder than the rest of the text, is a great way to set readers up for a new idea or sales tactic. It also allows the reader to skim over the page without having to read every single word. Many website visitors will do this to decide if they want to read the whole page or click to another destination.

Copywriting and the words used are what sells anything. Good copy will hold your business together like glue. It’s not exactly rocket science or quantum mechanics – but it will take some time to learn. It’s fine to hire writers for this, but you’ll have a deeper understanding of your own business if you learn something about it. So if your budget doesn’t include this kind of outsourcing, then you can do it on your own and get by. I assume that you are someone who wants to boost their earning income tremendously, so I  would also suggest that you try and take a look at Viral Submitter Pro , a  innovative  hot  solution!

Should you be in the market for  improving your  internet based  revenue producing  pursuits, and  thus would like to become a certainly  better web professional,  then a product which I could  advise one to look at is Viral Submitter Pro .

Following on from my late(a) blog “ “, this series covers each of the seven areas in a little more detail so that you can in truth boost your rankings online to increase sales and revenue.

Key words

Keywords if you don’t know, these are the search descriptions that your potential customers will type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. Depending on how well your website is optimised and coupled with the hunt you undertake to ensure there is demand, this will help to focus the time you invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A keyword can either be a single word or a group of words that create a keyword phrase.


A single Key word : “SEO”

A keyword phrase: “Search Engine Optimisation”

  1. Research – Is there demand?

Before you start out with SEO and its other components, research is your first step. Without establishing if there is demand for your products or services, or if your products and services match phrases and keywords that already have demand on the major search engines, this should be your priority.

Here’s a story I see all too often.

I can get you to number one for your company name in your town or city. Or I can get you to number one for a specific key phrase in your town or city. How egotistic are those statements?

Note this down!

When there is no real facual based demand for your business name or a key phrase related to your geo graphic location, why would you want to be number one any way? The best thing to do before any ranking is targeted, is to research based on actual KPI’s from the search engines. One of the first steps to this research can be done through using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

See for yourself what Google is recording. Check this website out : now you can start checking to see if there is demand for the key phrases you wish to target, on yeah almost forgot as well as researching what you think you should be targeting Google will also give you suggestions! Now isn’t that interesting? Yes.

So type in your keywords and not only will you get suggestions but you can see how many searches there are monthly for your key phrase, you can export the key phrases to an excel spread sheet, or text file which is useful for saving to your computer.

Now you have key phrases for which you know there is demand now you can start to think about your competitors and find out who they are.

So you’ve well-tried and tested Google Adwords Keyword Tool, but there’s actually lots more information available to you when researching your Keywords.

There are a few tools I really recommend you try , and Web CEO . Both offer further information on key phrase searches along with further information combined to give you some crucial information on your competition at the same time. The one thing with these tools is that they not only pull data from Google searches but they can also retrieve data from other leading search engines which can be of great use to you and your Online Marketing / SEO

  1. decision making on your keywords

Now you have your list of possible key phrases that you wish to rank well for, you need to check on a number of factors and not to the lowest degree of all, your competitors.

What you can do next:

Read the follow up to this blog: SEO 2 of 7: Your SEO Competitors .

Useful Websites:

  • Google’s Keyword Tool
  • Google Search Based Keyword Tool
  • SEO Elite
  • Web CEO

It would be great to hear from you and your views on this topic , if you’ve got any good comments or recommendations to add to this please do below now. Good luck with your online marketing.


Simple Strategies for Generating High Quality Traffic for Your Site

The internet truly is a gold mine just waiting to be excavated. There are countless different methods that you will be able to try to make a living online. As an Internet marketer, you have access to almost each and every market imaginable. You just need to take the initiative and make contact with the market and show what you have to offer them. There is plenty of info on internet marketing out there, is it as simple as these people make out?

Traffic generation is a task that has caused trouble for many people, especially those that are not really sure of what they are doing. You will find that the internet contains plenty of information on how best to market your site and drive traffic your way. All this different advice can confuse you. As you try and gain more and more knowledge, you may find yourself getting more confused about what the best course of action is. This isn’t how it has to be. Generating traffic really is not brain surgery. The main ingredient is common sense, target the correct people. This article will show you that traffic generation need not be an insurmountable task for your business and will show you how to exceed expectations.  Traffic is so important for every website whatever the niche from dentistry to laser skin resurfacing .  Every method should be employed.

If you have the time to do a seriously thorough job of it, blog commenting is a great way to spread the word about your site. You target those popular blogs that are relevant to you product and comment on their sites. The comments that you post on these blogs shouldn’t include anything promotional. You will undermine your authority if you spend the whole time promoting your site. Try to keep your posts informative, give advice in a friendly manner and not a sales pitch. You will not have your comments deleted this way and you will create a name for yourself as somebody who has knowledge in that particular field. Once you create a brand of yourself you can let your own site be known and watch the traffic flood in. It really is a great way to create traffic that is targeted, this means traffic that is the right kind and comprises of people likely to be interested and buy whatever it is you offer. Many marketers overlook the importance of word of mouth. It should be noted that there is no need for word of mouth to merely be generated from viral marketing campaigns. Word of mouth begins with your own friends and family. Those that know you best will be pest suited to spreading the word about what it is that you are doing. They are the people that ultimately care about your well being, so they are the ones that will try hardest to make you succeed in your efforts. And things get better if they have an online presence such as a blog, because they will already have visitors, which means they can blog about your site and give you the needed exposure.

Classified sites used to be popular with internet marketers, however recently there is a belief that they no longer work. This is not true, posting advertisements on free classified sites is still a great way to get some high level traffic. Sites such as eBay, Gumtree or Craigslist can really benefit your marketing schemes. Just because something is free does not make it weak, sometimes free advertising can even be more productive than paid advertising.

Generating traffic is an internet marketing skill all on its own, once you master this skill you will reap the endless rewards. It’s one of the most important things that you will ever learn in terms of your online success. Don’t be afraid to take risks and put in the time and effort required, and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

When it’s time to find the perfect voice talent for your  video recording promo, it is just as important to have a well written script as it is to have a great voice talent to deliver your message. Just keep in mind that the voice over talent does not have to be a expert on what they are reading  , they only need to use the correct inflection and emphasis throughout the script. As long as the script is written decently  , a professional voice talent will be able to sound knowledgeable and believable during the promo.

Don’t just rush out to try to find a so called expert in your industry to read your script, instead think about the message you are trying to portray with the promo. Is the promo trying to convey a light hearted message, possibly about a new television comedy coming to your network? Be sure that the talent you end up with  can read your script in a tone that matches your marketing goals . While experience is a key theme, direction of a voice over talent is also very important. Inflection and tone of a delivered promo piece is paramount . Obviously the delivery of a serious issue such as creating noise around a political special interest group will be considerably different from a new movie promotion.

Whatever the purpose and intention of your radio or television promo , a good union between script, voice talent, and directionis definately essential to your success  Even if you do not have a specific voiceover talent in mind, your script should be written in such a way that only a small handful of deliveries will come together  with the message. From there, it will just be a matter of listening to demos to see if any voice talents interested in your job are able to deliver the message in the tone your company is looking for. If the demo recordings sitting on your desk are not of interest, it might be time to do a little searching online. Credible voice talents will have most defitantly have sample demos available for your production team to look over, until you find the voice talent that fits your promo’s script.

After the script is done, the voice talent has delivered a product to your liking, and the production team has edited and produced the final cut, your television promo will be ready for air. Making the right choices for your production will at last help in receiving a much higher return on your investment, building your brand and raising the company credibility.

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