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I just spoke with my wife regarding a trip she made to Albertson’s to
get groceries. She said it was the most horrible “experience” and she
would “never” go back. It was 11 a.m. and the store was cluttered with
palettes and stockers restocking shelves. When my wife would try to get
a product off the shelf she was greeted with irritated sighs. (Idea,
let’s stock the shelves overnight.) Now for the checkout:

If you believe in the power of relationships I think XM should hold a significant portion of the marketing mix. As someone who has utilized (and still do) traditional media (tv, radio, print), I strongly believe that these vehicles can provide a supporting role in XM. However, as I recall someone saying, you don’t hug your tv or kiss the paper. Granted, media can provide an agency with a strong income stream.

The question is: Is making a quick buck all you’re in business for?

I like to think there’s a larger purpose. Ultimately, I believe life’s purpose is about creating character and relationships. XM seems to me one of the best ways to integrate that philosophy into business.

I would imagine you are already asking, “What does he mean by that?” Well, in my fifteen years in the marketing industry I’ve found that there are far too many “executives” who definitely are not leaders. Conversely, I’ve found a lot of leaders who don’t hold a “C” title: CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, you get the idea.  These executives are really just managers. They manage tasks. Unfortunately, they don’t have the skills to inspire and lead people.

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