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Seems pretty basic. According to survey results Heidrick & Struggles, the No. 1 focus for C-level executives in 2009 is the customer—acquiring new ones, increasing retention and improving their lifetime value, in that order.
So, if these relatively simple metrics are what C-Level Execs are looking at to determine marketing success, why do so many “marketing [...]

It’s great to see that someone else views marketing on the same level I do.  It’s so much more than logos, advertising, press releases, seo, media, etc. I say don’t “do marketing,” “be marketing.”
Great article found by Max Kalehoff at!
I have been preaching this to clients for years. Every aspect of one’s business is [...]

Don’t let poor experiences destroy your brand’s credibility. Stand out with excellence in a sea of mediocrity.
So what does this really mean? It means that the focus of marketers has shifted (and if it hasn’t it better) from themselves and their brands to how customers experience their brands.
To attract and retain customers, which is the [...]

Am I the only one who feels the “terms” we sometimes allocate to define branding, marketing, etc. can create confusion for our clients?  I prefer to look at the whole issue in terms (pun intended) of “relationships”.  To me a good relationship, whether business or personal, requires both parties to benefit in some manner.  As [...]

Great Companies Don’t Talk Marketing, They Execute Marketing

It’s all about the customer: Period. The entire life force of any company is acquiring and retaining customers. For this simple reason, all company functions must be lead by people with nothing less than an unrelenting “customer-first” marketing attitude.
Remember, every job in any company is a marketing job because every job must directly or indirectly [...]

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